Revender IPTV


Refund Policy

At our website, we invite you to take advantage of our free IPTV trial. This allows you to evaluate our server and confirm that our package meets your needs. Once you’re happy with the service, feel free to place an order with us.

After processing your order, we’ll send the activation details to your email. Please note that activation requires us to register your MAC address on our servers and utilize credits from our side.

For subscriptions lasting over 3 months, we offer the flexibility of transferring to a different package.

Please be aware that 7-day subscriptions are final; they cannot be canceled, transferred, or refunded. Each activation, linked to your unique MAC address, involves a credit from us and is non-transferable to other users.

We recommend starting with a one-month subscription to fully assess if our service aligns with your requirements before committing to a 12-month plan.

For any setup issues or technical queries regarding your IPTV, our support team is here to assist you. Contact us at our support email, and we will provide you with all necessary guidance to ensure a smooth experience.

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